Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 1, Issue 3&4,2003
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 1, Issue 3&4, 2003
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Laboratory standardization of procedure for the preparation of Zou – a fermented beverage made from rice

Chamgongliu Panmei 1, Satyendra Gautam 2, Prasad S. Variyar 2, G. A. Shantibala Devi 1, Arun Sharma 2*


Yield, nutrient content and physico-chemical and organoleptic properties in green bean are affected by N:K ratios

E. M. Khah, I. S. Arvanitoyannis *


LabView implementation of an ultrasound system for foreign body detection in food products

Y. Jiang 1, B. Zhao 2, O. A. Basir 2, G. S. Mittal 1


A simple and rapid method for isolation of DNA from imbibed embryos of Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr. for PCR analysis

Robert Thangjam *, Damayanti Maibam, Jitendra G. Sharma


The yield of isothiocyanates in wasabi rhizomes stored at different temperatures

Tamanna Sultana 1*, Geoffrey P. Savage 1, David L. McNeil 2, Noel G. Porter 3


Detection of genetic diversity in Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr. using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA analysis

Robert Thangjam *, Damayanti Maibam, Jitendra G. Sharma


Pre- and postharvest fiber development in green asparagus as related to temperature during growth, storage and handling

Pankaj Kumar Bhowmik 1*, Toshiyuki Matsui 1, Haruo Suzuki 1, Yusuke Kosugi 1, A.K.M. Shameem Alam 2, Fabio Gimena Enriquez 3


Novel dextrins as potential prebiotics

Maciej Fiedorowicz 1, Gohar Chaczatrian 1, Janusz Kapusniak 2, Przemyslaw Jan Tomasik 3, Piotr Tomasik 1*


Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of isoamyl acetate in free-solvent media — optimization using a central composite design

Gabriela A. Macedo *, Gláucia M. Pastore, Maria I. Rodrigues


Evaluation of the nutritional status of adolescents in institutionalized secondary schools in Akure, Nigeria

O. S. Ijarotimi *, A. F. Eleyinmi, B. O. T. Ifesan


Effect of fortified flour with ferrous sulfate alone and with Na2EDTA on iron deficiency anemia and serum zinc

Ebrahim Fallahi 1*, Masoud Kimiagar 2, Naser Valaei 2, Soleiman Abbasi 2


Effect of germination on the nutritional and functional properties of African oil bean (Pentaclethra macrophylla Benth) seed flour

Victor N. Enujiugha *, Adebanjo A. Badejo, Samuel O. Iyiola, Matthew O. Oluwamukomi


Nutritional requirements and amino acids utilization by lactic acid bacteria from wine – A short review

Maria C. Manca de Nadra *, Mario E. Arena, Fabiana M. Saguir


Variability of sugar content in potato varieties suitable for processing

Norbert U. Haase *, Lydia Weber


The use of starch and its derivatives as biopolymer sources of packaging materials

Jianmin Fang, Paul Fowler *


Studies on the microbial population of bread baked with wheat flour from south western Nigeria

A. O. Ogundare *, F. C. Adetuyi


Some aspects of metabolism of phenolics in carrot root slices

Bozena Stodolak 1, Maria Leja 2*, Anna Mareczek 2


Technology transfer for humanitarian use: Economic issue and market segmentation approaches

Travis J. Lybbert


Effect of substitution of acha for maize on the growth and economic performance of Oreochromis niloticus

L. C. Nwanna, O. A. Fagbenro, O. L. Kehinde


Comparative study on the interrelation between flavor related parameters of different onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivars and their applicability to forecasting onion oil yield

Jörg Resemann, Reinhold Carle *


Protoplast isolation, culture and application to genetic improvement of woody plants

Jihong Liu *, Xiaoyong Xu, Xiuxin Deng


Effect of manure on retention by soil profile and uptake by soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) – wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crops of applied sulphur in a Vertisol in central India

Jayanta Kumar Saha


Changes in photosynthetic biomass accumulation, auxin and ethylene level following defoliation in Brassica juncea

N. A. Khan


Strawberry fungal diseases

Berta de los Santos, Carmen Barrau, Fernando Romero


Genetics of juvenile phase in cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.]

Mohammad F. Ishiyaku *, Bir B. Singh


The effect of soil amendment and irrigation schedule on growth and yield of onion (Allium cepa L.) and seasonal irrigation applied

A. A. Ramalan


Effect of soil moisture levels on root distribution, water uptake and crop coefficient of winter maized in a humid tropic region

P. K. Bandyopadhyay *, S. Mallick


Some issues associated with the livestock industries of the developing countries of Asia: Opening Pandora’s BoxG

D. Hoffmann 1, P. Riethmuller 2*, D. Steane 3


Seasonal dynamic of 15N applied as nitrate with different irrigation systems and fertilizer management in citrus plants

Ana Quiñones, Josefina Bañuls, Eduardo Primo-Millo, Francisco Legaz *


Growth and dry matter partitioning of soybean under variable nitrogen supplies and elevated CO2

Avinash C. Srivastava *, Yoginder P. Khanna


Measurement of genetic diversity of native pecan [Carya illinoensis (Wangenh) K. Koch] populations established in Central Mexico and correlation with dichogamous flowering using AFLP

Jorge F. Cerna-Cortés 1, June Simpson 2, Octavio Martínez 3, Ramón A. Martínez-Peniche 4*


Pesticide demand in hybrid seed production technology

Sanzidur Rahman 1*, Md. Zabed Hossain 2


Effect of amino acids and amino acid analogues on the in vitro expression of glyphosate tolerance in Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense L. pers.)

Spiridon E. Kintzios 1*, Efrosini Makrygianni 1, Eleni Pistola 1, P. Panagiotopoulos 1, Garyfallia Economou 2


Reproductive physiology of two wheat cultivars differing in salinity tolerance under dense saline-sodic soil

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, Zaibunnisa Abdullah *


Suitablity of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) microplants to the field cultivation

Jadwiga I. Żebrowska, J. Czernaś, J. Gawroński, J. A. Hortyński


FYM, lime, and magnesium induced yield of jute (Chorchorus capsularis L.) and nutrient availability in acid tarai soil of eastern India

Prasanta K. Bandyopadhyay


Some external and internal quality characteristics of partridge (A. graeca) eggs

Aytekin Günlü *, Kemal Kirikçi, Orhan Çetin, Mustafa Garip


Prospects and benefits of biotechnology in agriculture

Ali H. Sayyed


Growth and yield performance of three maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars sown in pure and blend forms

Shamshad Hussain Shah, M. Farrukh Saleem, Shahid Ibni Zamir, Tanveer Hussain


Effects of growth regulators on eggplants: Genetic engineering issues

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli 1*, Ramdane Dris 2**


Organic vis-a-vis polyethylene mulch to boost up productivity of irrigated post-rainy season groundnut in India

P. K. Ghosh 1*, Devi Dayal 2, K. K. Bandyopadhyay 1, M. C. Manna 1


Selection of antagonistic yeasts to greend mold disease of Citrus in Morocco

L. Bouzerda, H. Boubaker, E. H. Boudyach, O. Akhayat, A. Ait Ben Aoumar


Effect of H2O2 and ethephon spary on seedling chilling tolerance in three tomato cultivars

Jameel M. Al-Haddad 1, Abbas F. Al-Jamali 1*


Biotechnology applications in crops

Stephen Gaya Agong


Some quality characteristics of pheasant (P. colchicus) eggs

Kemal Kirikçi *, Aytekin Günlü, Orhan Çetin, Mustafa Garip


Precipitation fluctuations in the transitional zone between arid and semiarid regions of northwest China from the 1950s to the 1990s

Xiao-Yan Li *, Xue-Quan Wang, Qian-Zhao Gao


Technical and economic aspects in conventional and alternative agriculture: A case study on coffee

Fernando Eovídio da Rosa Figueiredo 1, Renato Linhares de Assis 2, Bastiaan Philip Reydon 3


A note on the response by smallholder farmers to soil nutrient depletion in the East African highlands

Chris A. Shisanya


Cultivation and conservation status of Irvingia wombolu in humid lowland forest of Cameroon

E. K. Asaah *, Z. Tchoundjeu, A. R. Atangana


Strategies for the domestication of Ricinodendron heudelotii: Evaluation of variability in natural populations from Cameroon

M. L. Ngo Mpeck 1*, E. Asaah 1, Z. Tchoundjeu 1, A. R. Atangana 2


Competitive anion sorption effects on dairy wastewater dissolved phosphorus extraction with zeolite-based sorbents

Thanh H. Dao


Evaluation of CERES-Maize of DSSAT model to simulate nitrate leaching, yield and soil moisture content under tropical conditions

Mohammad E. Asadi 1*, Roberto S. Clemente 2


Human capital as determinant of technical inefficiency of cocoa based agroforestry system

R. A. Alabi


Rainwater harvesting for agricultural production in the semiarid loess region of China

Xiao-Yan Li


Choosing appropriate index age for estimating site index of Gmelina arborea timber plantations in Oluwa forest reserve

Jonathan C. Onyekwelu


Adoption rate and continued use of selected arable crop technologies among farmers in Oyo State Nigeria

O. I. Oladele *, A. I. Kareem


Hazard assessment of tractor operators engaged in food production in Botswana

Edward A. Baryeh 1*, Patikani J. Mazwiduma 2, Oratile A. Koloka 2, Edward A. Ampofo 3


Towards sustainable management of environmental stress for crop production in the tropics

Mohd Razi Ismail *, Ismail Iberahim


A conceptual framework for modeling soil quality dynamics on Loess plateau of China

He Xiubin 1, Tian Junliang 2


Non-point source pollution of water resources: Problems and perspectives

R. K. Panda *, S. Behera


Farmer-managed small-scale irrigation systems for sustainable crop production in Uganda, East Africa

A. Zaman


Comparative analysis of farm labour cost, animal traction and tractor hiring rates on land cultivation in Northern Nigeria

O. I. Oladele