Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 15, Issue 2,2017
Online ISSN: 1459-0263

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2017
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Physicochemical and rheological properties and bread-making potential of durum flour and semolina

Abdenour Yesli 1*, Mourad Latati 2, Sihem Tellah 2, Zakia Abdellaoui 3,Ghania Ounane 2


Production of carotenoids from Rhodotorula mucilaginosa and their applications as colorant agent in sweet candy

R. M. Elsanhoty, A. I. Al-Turki, M. M. Abd El-Razik *


Applying dehydro-freezing method to extend shelf-life of Barhi date fruits growing at Qassim Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

El-Sayed A. Abd El-Hady 1,2*, Ahmed A. Al-Hassan 1, Mohamed G.E. Gadallah 1,3, Mohamed M. Abd El-Razik 1,3


Effect of thermal processing on quality attributes of canned Barhi date fruits

El-Sayed A. Abd El-Hady 1, 2*, Mohamed G.E. Gadallah 1, 3, Ahmed A. Al-Hassan 1, Mohamed M. Abd El-Razik 1, 3


Verification of prerequisite programs for HACCP system implemented in date fruit packaging line

Mohamed M. Abd El-Razik 1,3 *, El-Sayed A. Abd El-Hady 1,2, Ahmed A. Al-Hassan 1, Mohamed G. E. Gadallah 1,3


Screening of phytate degrading microorganisms inhabiting fresh sprouts: Bacillus subtilis detected with high phytase activity

Savita P. D’Souza*, B. Kanchanashri, M. Yallappa, S. B. Niveditha, V. C. Suvarna, A. N. Balakrishna


Changes in antioxidant activity of cherry fruits and grapes during freezing

Elena Vasylyshyna


Are water conflicts necessary? Analyses of system and non-system command area in Tamil Nadu

S. Appasmandri 1*, M. Anjugam 2, B. Muthuraja 3, M. Sathaiah 4


Evaluation of sweet sorghum varieties for their juice characteristics

Mani Arora*, Gurvinder S. Kocher*, Rabinder S. Sohu


The implementation of low external input sustainable agriculture system to increase productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Yohanes Setiyo 1, Ida Bagus P. Gunadnya 1, Ida Bagus W. Gunam 1*, I Ketut B. Susrusa 2


Effect of phosphorus and calcium supplementation on goat performance communally grazed in a semi-arid area of RSA

M.S. Tsheole *, B.G. Kgobe, L.E. Motsei, M. Mwanza, F.R. Bakunzi


Improvement of greenhouse design and climate control in Mediterranean conditions

Yuksel Tuzel 1*, H. Feije de Zwart 2, Athanasios Sapounas 2, Silke Hemming 2, Cecilia Stanghellini 2


In situ ruminal degradation characteristics of dry matter and crude protein of imported hays marketed to the Korean cattle industry: A field study

Farhad Ahmadi, Youn Hee Lee, Mi Joo Ko, Do Young Choi, Wan Sup Kwak*


Investigating solutions for irrigation water deficiency in Lebanon

Maya Atieh 1, Ramesh Rudra 1, Bahram Gharabaghi 1*, Golmar Golmohammadi 1, Kourosh Mohammadi 2


Toxicity of the herbicide glyphosate to non-target species Caenorhabditis elegans

Saleh S. Alhewairini


Assessing of safety culture in the research university in Malaysia

Zitty Sarah Ismail 1, Kadir Arifin 1*, Kadaruddin Aiyub 1, Muhammad Rizal Razman 2, Norfadillah Derahim 1, Nurul Nabihah Abbas1


Local community perception on the importance of cultural-natural heritage protection and conservation: Case study in Jugra, Kuala Langat, Selangor, Malaysia

Zainab Roslan 1, Zuliskandar Ramli 1*, Chong Shin 1, Er Ah Choy 2, Muhammad Rizal Razman 3


Wavelet analysis of normalized difference vegetation index and the relationship of vegetation condition index with El Niño Southern Oscillation over India

S. Madhu 1, T.V. Lakshmi Kumar 1*, Humberto Barbosa 2


Community valuation through their willingness to pay for heritage tourism and sustainable development in Jugra Selangor, Malaysia

Zainab Roslan 1, Zuliskandar Ramli 1*, Er Ah Choy 2, Muhammad Rizal Razman 3