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11. We will send all requested materials to client/customer/author who paid or subscribed the journals or bought any book or related materials. However, according to our policy, we will NOT refund afterwards. The customer will hold his/her own responsibility. We also have the full right to reject or to publish accepted papers which are needed to the scientific community for missing of important information or data. Even though, the payment is not done or delayed or the author guaranties to make the payment later one (exception only).The requested corrections or additional information must be done before the final publication. In general, we only can cancel the order before any payment. In some case and for this specific reason only, we can refund back the author.

  • In some cases, there will be a delay during the mailing process, only.
  • Authors should assume their own responsibility after publication , since they have agreed to send their contribution to our journal and we presume they went carefully through the journal copyright and instructions.
  • We do not accept claims or complaints when authors correct the galley proof and allow us to print his/her material before the deadlines.
  • We send by surface mail the requested reprints.
  • In most cases, invoice will be sent by email. We can make exception and send invoices by post, when needed.
  • Even if the publication fees are paid, author should be prepared to answer quickly by email to our requests regarding the accepted manuscripts, if needed. We will contacted by email the author to provide us with additional information or to correct the English language to some parts or some terms of the submitted paper, if needed. Kindly note and in order to keep the high quality standard of our scientific journal, we reserve the right to postpone the publication of the same paper if the answer to our request is delayed or ignored. However, as soon as we receive clear answers to our request we will publish the improved version of the paper in one of the upcoming issues of the journal.
  • We will use only the mailing address that was provided by our customers. We cannot mail twice the same material, except for specific reasons (with proof).
  • The client/customer/author should send the full and correct mailing address. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for the lost/non-receiving of the material. Only with the statement from the local postal we can start an investigation.
  • We will not resend again the same material. If this will happen extra fee is requested.
  • Once the payment is done client/customer/author should accept the offer of the current year.
  • Subscribers should expect the hard copies of the scientific journal during (Winter; Spring, Autumn). Any delay in subscription will result in the late mailing of the hard copies of the scientific journal.

12. For any force major, our customers or clients should be prepared to notice disconnection time to time on our website or email communication due to some technical problems beyond our control. We are not in the position to refund the client in such case. However, we will respond by email most of the request.

13. Once a contract is signed, The WFL Publisher Ltd. will not accept any disagreement but may break he contract from one side when needed. The assistant, helper, worker or a trainee must full fill his/her commitment accordingly. The work should be done according to the contract. If the contract is not respected, we reserve the right to give other simple tasks or to simply stop the assistant or trainee or to contact the sending body/institution for explanations.

14. This concerns all events or meetings advertised in our website: As a scientific society, we are promoting scientific information and to assist scientists only.

  • Please note that before taking part in any meeting or event you should kindly and immediately contact the organisers or the committee or the contact person of the meeting you have chosen.
  • Please do not make any payments or join any meeting or any event unless you are very sure that the meeting or the event will hold in the exact dates, location and time stated etc. As mentioned.
  • We are only advertising information for meetings or events that we receive from some experts or scientists.
  • No responsibility is assumed by WFL Publisher Ltd. for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions, information or ideas herein. Although all advertising material is expected to conform to ethical standards, and does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement.
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