About Us

WFL Publisher has a well-established and up-to-date publishing house located in northern part of Europe. WFL is a science publisher of high-quality education, scientific and professional content. We are dedicated to creativity that brings great ideas to life. We deliver premium quality content to the world’s scientific and professional communities. Our focus is on the finest scholarly works in life sciences. We are passionate about providing news or information for scientists, students, instructors, professionals or experts. Our publishing house is known not only in Scandinavian countries but worldwide as well, with a large network.
We provide services including, publishing, scientific writing, advertising, consultancy, traineeship and many more. We participate in a wide range of activities or projects related to education, science, research and development. Our products and services are tailored to meet the changing needs of the research world and scientists, thus our emphasis on interdisciplinary research interfaces. We also prioritise the need of scientists or researchers to reach the widest possible audience in their chosen fields of study. We welcome suggestions for new electronic journals, recognising that they provide an essential outlet for emerging areas of research. We will be happy to evaluate any proposals that are submitted to us (read more).


WFL Publisher is registered under the National Board of Patents and Registration Board and the Trade Register System. Recommend our journals or books  or related publications to your Library, Department, University, Colleagues or The Ministry of Higher Education of your Country  to Include them in Their Databases.