Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 19, Issue 2,2021
Online ISSN: 1459-0263

Volume 19, Issue 2, 2021
Journal Contents

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International comparison of organic farming preferences in food choices among the Lebanese population

Jana Dwaidy, Dina Cheaib, Adla Jammoul, Ian Watson, Nada El Darra,


Recent advanced technology supports to fight against the pandemic COVID-19 K.

R. Padma, K. R. Don,


A new method of fertilization, affecting pinto bean ecophysiology under field drought conditions

Ayat Aghajani, Ali Soleymani, Mohammad Miransari


Mapping of socio-economic literatures on organic agriculture in India - Current perspectives and future directions

Naba Kumar Das, Arup Roy


Response of no-till bio-mulching on growth and moisture conservation in winter pulses under maize-legume cropping systems

J. K. Dey, B. K. Saren, K. Pramanik, B. Duary


Effect of bio-fertilizer in soybean [Glycine max (L) Merr.] on productivity and fertility in soybean-wheat sequence

P. K. Jaga, Yogesh Patel, Satish Sharma, K. B. Sharma, Vinod K. Garg


Efficiency of contract broiler farmers in Burdwan District, West Bengal (India): Delineating the role of farm-size and seasonal pattern

Diptanu Roy, Arindam Laha


In-vitro assessment of antinemic activity of some plants extracts against root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

Mohammad Shariq, Mohd Asif, Faryad Khan, Taruba Ansari, Amir Khan, Moh Tariq, Mansoor Ahmad Siddiqui


Inter-sectoral linkages and economic growth in India: A multivariate cointegration approach

Imran A. Baig, Riyaz Alam, Md A. Salam


Genetic analysis of Bactrocera (Diptera:Tephritidae) by cytochrome oxidase I (COI) gene

Shreedevi S. Juktihiremath, Shivaleela Biradar, R. L. Babu


The social responsibility of consumers when purchasing household items during lockdown period in Coimbatore District

Kunhikannan Anish, M. N. Sasirekha


Assessment of heavy metal contamination in irrigation water, soil, and some vegetables grown within Awash River basin, Ethiopia

Tizazu Hailemariam, Tesfalem Belay, Alemayehu Esayas


Pan de indio from the Brazilian Amazon: proximate composition and toxicity

Ariane Mendonça Kluczkovski, Gilton dos Santos, Samir de Carvalho Buzaglo Pinto, Jelmir Andrade,  Alicia de Francisco,  José F.S. Silveira Junior, Bruna Mattioni,