Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Prehistoric Tok Sik Cave and Baling Cave, Baling, Kedah, Malaysia: Archaeological and environmental perspectives


Muhammad Afiq Omar 1, Zuliskandar Ramli 1*, Mohd Syukri Yeoh Abdullah 1, Muhamad Shafiq Mohd Ali 1, Nur Sarahah Mohd Supian 1, Nuratikah Abu Bakar 1, Mohd Samsudin 2, Adnan Jusoh 3, Yunus Sauman 3, Muhammad  Rizal Razman 4

Recieved Date: 2017-09-28, Accepted Date: 2017-12-22


An archaeological and environment research was made around Baling mountain complex to trace any prehistoric settlement around the complex. The complex can be divided into three sections which are Pulai Mountain, Baling Hill and Wang Hill. Two caves were chosen for excavation which are Tok Sik Cave at Pulai Mountain and Baling Cave at Baling Hill. The data from the venture and excavation shows that the area had been occupied by Hoabinhian and Neolithic prehistoric community. Artefact findings show that they interacted with other communities especially the coastal prehistoric community and trade with them. This assumption is based on the findings of pottery shards that were believed originated from the coastal area. The prehistoric people at Baling also ventured deep into other communities territory in order to obtain a suitable stone tools to forge their stone tools. They ventured into Gerik and Kroh, thus might made contact with the prehistoric community who lived at Lion and White Cave. The dating for Baling Cave is around 8760 ± 50 BP which is parallel with the dating of Lion Cave which is 9250 ± 60 BP.


Tok Sik Cave, Baling Cave, excavation, trade, interaction

Journal: Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment
Year: 2018
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Category: Environment
Pages: 85-90

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