XIII International Pear Symposium

Date: 2018-12-04 - 2018-12-07

The International Pear Symposium will be an ideal environment for discussion and exchange of the latest information generated on pear. Scientists, researchers, students, technicians, consultants, industry people, nurserymen, growers, and other interested persons will be able to share their knowledge and experience to improve together in the challenging and amazing culture of pear.

Uruguay will be hosting the symposium and has its doors opened to show what pear production means in the country, since its beginning with the first European immigrants until today. Evolution of pear culture and the technological changes have managed to keep it as one of the main fruits produced and with good perspective for the future. 

The main activities will take place in the city of Montevideo, capital of the República Oriental del Uruguay, characterized by its more than fourteen kilometers of beaches on the Río de la Plata. Due to its proximity to one of the main fruit growing areas, it will be possible to visit many plantations together with the scenic touristic landscapes. Montevideo is not far away from the oceanic shore where you can find a number of different summer resorts like Piriápolis, Punta del Este, La Paloma and many others famous for the beauty of their beaches and Uruguayan personality.

It will be an honor for us to have you participate of the symposium.

Roberto Zoppolo, Ing. Agr. PhD

More information: https://www.pear2018.uy/

Registration: https://www.pear2018.uy/registration