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Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops 4 Volumes:
Vol. 2: Plant Mineral Nutrition and Pesticide Management


Ramdane Dris PhD. and S. Mohan Jain PhD.

Category: Plant

Nutrients are essential for plant growth, development and completion of their life-cycle. Mineral fertilizers are keys to the world food supplies. However, there is a growing concern about the safety and quality of food due to over-fertilization. Their excessive use is a cause of serious concern on food quality and human health. This book covers various aspects on mineral nutrition, fertilizers and pesticide management to improve agricultural production, yield and to amelioration of soil fertility. In contains nine chapters  on Environmental and Biological Monitoring of Exposure to Pesticides in Occupationally Exposed Subjects;  This book will be especially useful to researchers  and graduate and post- graduate students majoring in food sciences and researches.

Environmental and Biological Monitoring of Exposure to Pesticides in occupationally Exposed Subjects

Cristina Aprea

Crop Quality Under Adverse Conditions: Importance of Determining the Nutritional Status

Gemma Villora, Diego A. Moreno and Luis Romero

Phosphorus Management in French Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)

T.N. Shivananda and B.R.V. Iyengar

Nutrition and Calcium Fertilization of Apple Trees

Pawel P. Wojcik

Diagnosis, Prediction and Control of Boron Deficiency in Olive Trees

Chistos D. Tsadilas

Boron-Calcium Relationship in Biological Nitrogen Fixation Under Physiological and Salt-Stressing Conditions

Ildefonso Bonilla and Luis Bolaños

Lime-Induced Iron Chlorosis in Fruit Trees

Maribela Pestana, Eugénio Araújo Faria and Amarilis de Varennes

Si in Horticultural Industry

V. Matichenkov and E. Bocharnikova

Biological Monitoring of Exposure to pesticides in the General Population (Non-Occupationally Exposed to Pesticides)

Cristina Aprea


Number of chapters: 9
Length of the book: 277 pages
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