How to Buy a Book?

First you need to register as a user. Select the email that you are commonly using as your primary email. In the case if you forgot your password, the reset of your password is send in that email. Also all the information about buying and subscribing and newsletter, if you like to order that, is send on your primary email.

After registration you can log in. Now you can purchase the book(s). Select the book that you like to buy. Select how many items you want to buy and which postal method you choose. If needed, add a different shipping address. Confirm your purchase.

You will get the invoice in your primary email that you have given when you have registered. Pay the invoice. Most convenient is to attach the copy of the paid invoice for your bill electronically. While you are log in the webpage, you can view your purchases and subscriptions and add the copy of the paid bill. If it is not possible to send the copy of the bill electronically, take copy of that and send it by post to our office: WFL Publisher, Meri-Rastilantie 3 B, 00980 Helsinki, Finland.

When the transactions has happened, we will post your order. The status of your order you will find out also on our webpage. Log in and you will find out the postal code and the shipping time of your package.