Editorial Member

Editorial board members are the front runners of finalizing documents for publication. They act as a ready team of prospective reviewers with an active concern for the success of the journal. Their contribution are significant towards shaping of the article for high impact of scientific accomplishments at first-hand. WFL Publisher is exceptionally grateful for its wonderful and reliable editorial staff. We are looking for professionals to join our Editorial Board. Find below some of the benefits of working with us and been our editorial board member.

Responsibilities include:

  • Publication Ethics
  • Appointing Editors
  • Check for accuracy
  • Providing Feedback
  • Review manuscripts
  • Promoting the Journal
  • Handling Manuscripts
  • Advise on journal strategy
  • Approving Special Issues
  • Work with a group of editors
  • Advise on journal policy and scope
  • Attract new authors and submissions
  • Read of the latest scientific developments
  • Act as Guest Editor for their own Special Issue
  • They are required to carefully read various manuscripts in their area of interest and importance. With this in place, they are continuously driven to keep abreast with up-to-date happenings while checking and suggesting relevant changes on manuscripts.
  • This work gives you the ability to provide better ways of creating your identity as well as a known expert in your field and it would also lead to increased opportunities and invitations to speak at conferences or an invitation to research in your area of specialization.

Benefits are:

  • Gain experience working with reviewers and editors
  • Meet writers and researchers in the field
  • Great knowledge expansion
  • Your name will be published and promoted in all edited documents
  • Your input is directly proportional to what is being published

Are you eligible?

  • Scholarly and literature experience
  • Demonstrates superb knowledge and passion for science innovation
  • Committed to quality, honesty, and invention
  • Great use of English vocabulary and international scientific terminology
  • Aware of current issues and involved in furthering advances.

Those looking to apply as an Editorial Member, send in your CV with a letter of motivation here.