Service Fees

When a user orders a hard copy of journal or book, the price includes service fees with in postal method.

What is a 'Service Charge/Fee'

A service charge or fee is a type of fee charged to cover services related to the primary product or service being purchased. For example, you would be required to pay service and handling charges for postal services in addition to the original cost of the materials or product you are ordering in order to cover the cost of security, postal handling, delivery or for providing the convenience of electronic purchases.

Payee is expected to be fully aware of all related service charge before making the appropriate payments or bank transfers and so, when payee orders a soft and/or  hard copy of book or journal, the price would include service charges like

  1. Postage charge depending on your chosen method of delivery and the weight of your order
  2. Handling and delivery
  3. Current exchange rates
  4. Bank charges for all related transfers both local and international etc.