Labour Market

I-Free Working Space or Co-working:

We are willing to offer a free working space with facilities to scientists and academicians with the possibility for the development or collaborating in a new business idea or R&D projects in related areas under the umbrella of our company. We believe in a mutually and profitable partnerships.

You are welcome in suggesting ideas for development and cooperation!

II- Labour Market Training:

Our strategic idea and objective of labour market training is to increase participant’s chances of finding work and gaining relevant work experience. It would take a diverse and practical approach in nature that includes on-the-job learning.
The labour administration procures labour market training from vocational adult education centres, vocational education al institutions, higher educational institutions and private training providers.

Labour market training also aims to promote the employment of the long-term unemployed, aging and disabled persons.

You can apply for labour market training via an employment office and inform the employment office about your chosen working place and field.

You can inquire about the duration for labour market training from the employment office, if you are eligible for any financial support, which should be equal to the unemployment allowance, or the labour market subsidy.

For additional information, you may contact us  (send your curriculum vitae or resume along with a letter of motivation).