Buying Other Materials

In the book section, the user can find books and other materials such as text book, work report, thesis, for purchasing.

Some materials are available in PDF and while some are on hard copy. You can check for the books in whichever format you want them.

Follow the shipping details and payment procedure in the form

  • The price is stated for each material
  • Click the purchase material as hard copy or PDF, the user will be directed to add books into cart.
  • User can manage selected the book in cart,
  • Click continue to order.

WFL Publisher strictly accepts direct bank transfers, so please make a note of the bank details of the company as provided. This bank detail will also be available in the copy of your invoice which would be sent user's email.

After an order is placed, you will get the invoice for your transaction. The login email will be your primary email and all correspondence would be on this email.

Making Payment

  • Once the user has received the invoice, it is expected that the user makes the necessary payment with the bank details provided.
  • The user should make sure they have included the invoice reference number in all payments.
  • If there is no provision for invoice reference number, users last name should use as reference
  • Users should ensure that our company receives the payment as stated in the invoice. The user is responsible for all transactional and bank charges.
  • User should upload payment receipts into the system as soon as payment is made.
  • The user needs to login to their profile to upload the payment receipt under the receipt option.
  • The receipt number and payment date should all be clearly stated before uploading receipt into the system.
  • The accepted file format are PDF and jpeg only.

Processing the payment

  • Once the payment receipt is uploaded, the company representative will check for confirmation of payment.
  • The representative will cross-check the uploaded receipt if it matches the paid amount and the invoice, then processes the order. The user will then be granted access to the journal subscription.
  • It will take at least 12 working hours to process the request after confirmation of the payment.

After the payment

  • Once the order is processed the user will be notified automatically by email.
  • The user can check the access status of the material.

If the buying option for these materials are not available on the  website contact us with the subject of materials to be purchased.