Buying a Journal Hard Copy

WFL Publisher has some hard copy Journals available to order. To check,  please go to printed copies available.

In the available journal form, the user is provided with Journal name and number of copies available and price of it. The user  is expected to add requested journal into the cart.

Follow the shipping details and payment procedure in the form

  • The price of each hard copy is mentioned for each journal
  • Click the purchase journal as hard copy,
  • The user is allowed to state the quantity of hard copies
  • The user will be directed to add the item into the cart
  • User can manage the selected hard copies in the cart,
  • The user has option to increase or decrease number of hard copy.
  • The user has option to choose the shipping method.
  • And click continue.
  • User can then verify details about selected item, price, and quantity.
  • If the user wants to deliver the reprinted article to different address location, the address has to be stated in the billing address

(Note: the package will be delivered to the billing address only.)

WFL Publisher accepts direct bank transfers, so please make a note of the bank details of the company as provided. This bank detail will also be available in the copy of your invoice which has to be sent to user's email.

After an order is placed, you will get the invoice for your transaction. The login email will be your primary email and all correspondence would be on this email.

(Note: 5 is the minimum number of reprints for each articles to be purchased)


Making Payment:

  • Once the user has received the invoice, it is expected that the user needs to make the payment with the bank details provided.
  • The user should make sure they have included the invoice reference number in all payments.
  • If there is no possibility to add the complete invoice number, please mention user's last name as reference.
  • Make sure the company receives the price according to the invoice. The bank charges or any transactional charges have to be paid by the user.
  • Once the user has made the payment user needs to upload the payment receipt to the system.
  • The user needs to login to his profile and to upload the receipt with upload receipt option.
  • The user needs to mention the receipt number, payment date and receipt copy to the system.
  • The system accepts only PDF and jpeg files.

Processing the payment

  • Once the payment receipt is uploaded, the company administrators will check for confirmation of payment.
  • The administration will cross-check for the uploaded receipt, If the paid amount matches the invoice amount, then processes the order. The user will be granted with the access to journal subscription.
  • It will take at least 12 working hours to process the request after the confirmation of the payment.