Book Policy


Electronic Book Policy

Please read the eBook policy, terms and conditions before submitting any electronic book / book chapter by reading this book policy, I, as the corresponding author, agree and accept to abide by the Legal notice or Intellectual property, terms, conditions, policy, copyright and rules of the book or book chapter or related material submission and the WFL Publisher Limited.

1. I, as the corresponding author, provide the WFL Publisher the right, authorization and permission to publish my of the book or book chapter or related material, if approved; I accept to hold my own and full responsibilities in case of any problems and fulfil all my commitments; I shall be the only person to communicate directly with the editorial board of the book or book chapter or related material submission, when needed.

In order to avoid problems or conflicts and in case of violation of the laws related to published e book/chapter.  I, as the corresponding author, my name is mentioned on the submitted e book, I am aware, that I will be pursued in the court by third-party or by the Publisher to pay all the costs or to repair damages, if any.

2. I agree and I assume full responsibility when filling the form and reading all details mentioned hereby.
To be filled in, if copyright belongs to the corresponding author(s) in consideration of the publication of the contribution to the above book, I hereby warrant:

a). That in the case of joint authorship, I, as the corresponding author, have been authorised by all co-authors to sign this agreement on their behalf and references to the singular shall include the plural as appropriate;

b). That this e book/chapter .  is my original work (with my working group, if any) and not taken from other works or persons. It has not been previously published elsewhere either in printed or electronic form (including World Wide Web home pages, discussion groups and other electronic bulletin boards), and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. I agree to the publication of the electronic book / book chapter after signing a copyright form. I authorise book editorial team to publish the e book/chapter after receiving all signed documents and I agree that the publisher will own all the copyright about the submitted  book,  book chapter or related materials..


I, the corresponding author(s) must send to at least three external reviewers to edit, evaluate and improve the quality of the e book/chapter. The publisher’s team makes additional or minor corrections or changes to submitted book /chapter only. The publisher’s policy is to focus on the importance of the subject or theme of the contribution, only. The author is fully responsible for the content, quality and evaluation of the submitted e book/chapter (writing instructions). Only high quality and well edited  book will be approved by our board.

c). That this e book/chapter  contains no violation of any existing copyright or other third-party rights or any material that is obscene, libellous, fraudulent, plagiarised or otherwise unlawful nature. I, will pay all needed compensations, repair all damages, pay all charges, costs and related fees, to indemnify and keep indemnified the Editor or Third party and / or the WFL Publisher Ltd. I agree that the WFL Publisher is not and will not be responsible for such case and I will never get the WFL Publisher involved in problems of any kind.I hold my full responsibility about  the submission of my material.

4. I confirm that the WFL publisher is not responsible for any dispute between me, as the corresponding author(s), or any other publishing house, institutions or companies or scientists and a third-party. I confirm that the WFL Publisher has no responsibility for the contents of my e book/chapter /related materials and is not responsible for any claims or expenses that will be paid by me (including legal costs and expenses that I will cover) arising from any breach of this warranty and the other warranties on my behalf in this agreement (§: Copyright form).


(a) I, the corresponding author(s) or co-authors will be the only person(s) to sign the copyright form and handle the requested documents and see details in the copyright form. I agree to face any problems and to be pursued in court by third-party and or other publishing houses, institutions, scientists and or experts; in case I misuse others’ published materials: engage in fraud, plagiarism, illegal use of their intellectual property or material rights, published or non-published data and work of others. The said electronic book / book chapter or related materials will be immediately removed from the website.

I will not submit duplicate electronic book / book chapter with similar results or data (tables, graphs or illustrations) or texts. I agree to modify, rearrange results and data (tables, graphs or other illustrations) correctly, to submit again a new version of the book/chapter to be considered.

(b) In any case if arises, I will indicate that the WFL Publisher is not responsible for any problems or mistakes on my part as the corresponding author. In case of any serious problem, I agree that the WFL Publisher has nothing to do with the problem and will not provide assistance of any kind.

(c) The co-author(s) and I know and agree that WFL Publisher owns the full authority and copyright to sell and market our materials. The WFL Publisher has no responsibility for the illegal or misuse of the data or published materials by others. I agree that my published e book/chapter is or are available on the WFL Publisher’s website and subject to publisher policy . The WFL publisher has neither interest nor responsibility arising from the use of my published electronic book / book chapter on the website. However, all sources of information and references in my electronic book / book chapter which are published by only the WFL Publisher who owns the full right and authority of my book, book chapter or related material . As an Author I will neither permit nor allow other publisher or institute or related institutions to use or mis-use or publish my book or book chapter or related materials, this is illegal.

(d) That I, the corresponding author, has obtained permission for and acknowledged the source of any illustrations, diagrams, information, or other data, materials included in this e book/chapter. Of which I am not the copyright owner. In consideration of the publication of my contribution in this e book/chapter, I hereby assign, allow and authorize the WFL Publisher, the present and or future copyright owner, throughout the world in any form and in any language (without limitation on the optical disk, transmission over the internet, print and other communications networks and in any other electronic form).

(e) I, the corresponding author, assume full responsibility and accept to pay for all costs related to any illegal matter or problems with the third-party, if any.

5. I, as the corresponding author, must send my electronic book / book chapter to experts or scientists to review and evaluate the contents and the quality of the e book/chapter. Before the final submission I must add and implement all needed corrections, modifications, data, references or information with the source of reference or information (I must indicate the source of the information). A native English speaking scientist or someone with an advanced level of English must critically review the English of the text. I, as the corresponding  author, must follow the writing instructions point by point and double check the electronic book / book chapter before the final submission (excellent English language, contents, results, symbols, equations, references, statistical tests, do not scan figures or tables, use the originals). All illustrations, tables, graphs, photos, figures, tables belong to my (me and my team) work. If I, the corresponding Author and co-author(s), do not have a full and detailed source of the information we must indicate it, with a clear reference, which should be mentioned on the reference list (writing instructions). The final final version of the submitted book or related materials must be og high quality and very well written or presented.

As a corresponding author, I must revise very well  the  book or the chapter. According to reviewer’s comments (I assume my own and full responsibility for the contents of the submitted electronic book / book chapter or related material).

 I, As corresponding Author,  m responsible for the data, contents, results, illustrations and information sources. However, in case I report information or data and or information taken from other sources, works or from other scientists, I will ask permission from other scientists, third-party and or the co-author(s). I will get permission from them before submitting such book/chapter or related materials, this is to avoid facing legal action or case with the third-party. The corresponding author only, must do submission of electronic book / book chapter or related materials.


I, As corresponding Author,  will never submit any fraudulent information or a  book/chapter. With neither plagiarism nor fraude. All submitted e book/chapter including data or results or methods or information must be acknowledged and the source of the information and or references must be cited properly and correctly. Otherwise, I, as the corresponding author, will face serious law problems with other scientists and I can be pursued in court and in such case I will assume my own responsibility. The WFL Publisher will have no responsibility and  not involved in this case.

I, As corresponding Author,  confirm, that the WFL Publisher is neither responsible for any problem that may occur between me, as the corresponding author(s), scientist’s arguments, authors or co-authors , or other third-party for the data or information or results, co-author’s names and or affiliation(s) submitted for publication; for fraud, or plagiarism or related problems or electronic book / book chapter already published elsewhere. I, the corresponding  author must clearly mention the source of the collected information or references with respect to scientific publishing ethics. I want to indicate that the WFL Publisher is not responsible for any claims or complaints that I, as the corresponding Author, will face from others or with third-party (by signing this copyright, I fully authorise the WFL publisher to publish this book / book chapter or related materials and I, as the corresponding Author, will assume all the risks and willing to pay all compensations, damages, or related costs and fees to the Third-party, if pursued by a court of law, I guarantee).

I, As corresponding Author, assume responsibility in case of violating academic ethics. I authorise the publisher to keep or to remove my published e book/chapter. Anytime from the publisher’s website. I also authorise the Publisher to place my electronic book / book chapter/ Related materials. I agree that the WFL Publisher might contact me as the corresponding Author, for further information or details concerning my contribution or details. I, as the corresponding Author, assume my full responsibility for the submitted electronic book / book chapter /related materials , the topic or theme, names of authors, co-authors, illustrations, and sources of information, data, values and related materials used and written in my e book/chapter/related materials.

6. Once my book/chapter/related material is accepted for publication, in order to save time, I agree that the publisher should send the acceptance letter and the copyright form via email (plus attached files). I will send the signed copyright form and other related documents by post or airmail.


As the corresponding author, I agree to correct and improve the galley proof of my book/chapter/related materials (received as a pdf file along with a special form) before the suggested deadline and to send it back to the publisher’s office. I pledge to do my part and assume responsibility.

7. I will send before the deadline, all minor and clear corrections on the galley proof form and or the pdf file of my  book/chapter/related materials (neither with major changes nor a full revised electronic book / book chapter / related materials). In case of unclear corrections and non-receipt of the requested corrections, I authorise the Publisher’s team to ignore few corrections (if they are unclear including changes in title or text or omitting some illustrations when necessary without asking my permission). The publisher is authorized to postpone  or delete the publication of my e book/chapter/related materials  if all corrections are not clarified or are incomplete or submitted after the deadline. I agree that previous correspondences (old matters) will neither be discussed nor reconsidered, I authorise the publisher’s team to remove old submitted e book/chapter or e-mails or inquiries (which will be deleted and ignored after twelve months).

I, As corresponding Author,   will send a response and all requested documents before the deadline to avoid any delay in the publication process. I agree that the publisher may publish the e book/chapter/related materials.  With some minor changes only and or might postpone the publication of the electronic book / book chapter /related materials  for the next issues. I agree that the publisher will not accept a completely revised electronic book / book chapter / related materials with major changes. I agree that the publication will be postponed if the publication deadline has elapsed without receipt of requested materials, to any date later than even one to two years. I am aware that the publisher communicates by e-mails, phone or fax, only; all documents are sent to the corresponding Author(s) as pdf files, only. There are no formal letters to be sent by post, as the corresponding author, will send the correct e-mail address, name and a complete postal address in order to receive the electronic copy of the book. I agree that only one ecopy will be sent to me.  

8. In case I, the corresponding author, want to withdraw the electronic book / book chapter /related materials. I would send a signed letter with clear reasons by registered mail. Otherwise, the accepted electronic book / book chapter (improved by WFL Publisher’s team or reviewers, time consuming) will get published.

Incase Someone , Author(s) want to purchase hard copy of other existing books/reprints/ related materials (see website book section) , the WFL Publisher will print reprints or collect in archives the requested  material BUT has no responsibility if the material is lost and or damaged during the mailing or delivery process or simply by the postal services. In such cases, I will contact my post office for additional information and ask for documents stating the deterioration of the mail. I will include the right and complete postal address when submitting my electronic book / book chapter; otherwise, I will assume the consequences in case I do not receive the sent material.

I, As corresponding Author,   agree that the WFL Publisher does not allow the misuse of the company’s logo (Trademark), staff names, electronic book / book chapter, related materials,  e-mails, address or related matters. I agree that the Publisher reserve the right to pursue in court anyone who will do that. The publisher is allowed to ask for higher compensations and payment of damages and violation of the terms and conditions herein. The requested signed documents must be sent before the deadline, by registered mail or postal package or by an International mailing service to the WFL Publisher.

9. By signing this document, I, As corresponding Author, is bound by the above publication terms, conditions, policy and commitments. In case of any violation of the above rules or any breach of the copyright and if no amicable agreement can be reached, the third-party has the right to pursue the corresponding Author in court and ask for higher compensation or to repair all damages. I, as the corresponding author, agree that the publisher has the sole jurisdiction to pursue me and or the third-party in the court in Finland and ask for higher compensation or payment of all damages, if any.

The corresponding author assumes full responsibility for the mention of trade names or commercial products in this publication which is solely for the purpose of providing specific information and does not imply recommendation or endorsement of similar products unmentioned.

10. In no event shall WFL Publisher be liable for any claim, disputes, refund, damages or other liabilities, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the use or dealings with the services of WFL Publisher. WFL Publisher will make no representation and give no guarantee or endorse with respect to quality, accuracy, reliability, usability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of any third party materials or information made available in the WFL Publisher websites or services. WFL Publisher gives no representation or guarantees that access to WFL Publisher websites and services will be uninterrupted, secure and error free always. To the fullest extent permitted by law, in no event will WFL Publisher or its officers be liable for any (1) special, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including loss of profits and loss of goodwill, arising from or related to a breach of the agreement between WFL Publisher and the user or any order or the operation or use the web service including such damages arising from loss of revenue or claims against user by any third person; or (2) damages for any delay or failure by WFL Publisher to perform its obligations under the agreement between WFL Publisher and the user due to any cause beyond WFL Publisher’s reasonable control.

12. Conflict of Interest Policy
The WFL  Publisher adheres to the principles of transparency and accountability in dissemination of scientific information, and as part of our policy, we expect author(s), contributor(s), reviewer(s), editor(s), to declare any real or apparent conflicts of interest that could be perceived to influence the working process and electronic book / book chapter or related material’s preparation. The editorial office acknowledges that the interests stated below are inevitable, and cannot be eliminated. By including this declaration in our policy we do not imply that we would not consider your electronic book / book chapter /related material for publication.

Find below a detailed description of what we consider as sources for conflicts:

Financial interest could be personal or institutional. These are finances given to the paid into the individual or institutional account for purposes of funding some or all aspects of the projects. Authors should list funding organizations to be included in the acknowledgement section, if possible. Examples of personal financial interest include paid consultancy, services, and recipients of fellowships, equipment writing and administrative support.

Electronic book / book chapter  /related materials submission by an author (s) that is in the same institution as one of the editors:

To eliminate bias, the members of the editorial board would be assigned such that no reviewer shares institutional affiliation with the authors.

Generally we expect all stakeholders to be open to ensure production of high- quality scientific information for the scientific community and the society at large.


Author(s) responsibilities

Public trust in the scientific process and the credibility of published electronic book / book chapter /related materials  depend in part on how transparently conflicts of interest are handled in departments, among scientists / decision makers, during the planning, implementation, preparation of the electronic book / book chapter/ related materials  writing, reviewing, editing, and publication schedule. Author(s) is fully responsible for the data and information reported in his/her electronic book / book chapter/ related materials, read above (§: Copyright; §: Intellectual property right). The WFL Publisher’s board has also the right to accept and/or reject / decline submitted electronic book / book chapter / related materials for various reasons.

The corresponding author should submite  a SPECIAL conflict of interest declaration form  fill it correctly and submit alongside the electronic book / book chapter/ related materials, Statement of Informed Consent.- Include in the book instructions to authors.

In written descriptions or photographs and pedigrees unless they are essential for scientific purposes. In such cases a written consent of the individuals and or the institutions should be obtained before use. In cases where the subjects are minors or juveniles consent should be taken from their guardians or parents. It is difficult to obtain complete anonymity; therefore in situations where the characteristics of identifying characters are altered to protect subjects, the authors should provide reassurance that the alterations do not bias the work data, or meaning of the project. The publisher’s board is the only one who decides about the quality of the final submitted electronic book / book chapter.

Authors whose electronic book / book chapter or trlated materials  contain studies on animals and humans must adhere to human and animal rights regulations, internationally, and locally. They must follow the international, national or institutional regulations for treating animals and humans kindly or compassionately. They must specifically follow the European Communities Council Directive 24 November 1986 (86/609/EEC) and or the guidelines of the National Institute of Health (NIH) USA, in addition to any other relevant regulation in the study area.

For studies using client – owned animals, high standards of veterinary care should be applied and the consent of clients sort before commencement of the studies. For experiments involving animals authors should state in the cover letter accompanying the electronic book / book chapter or related materials  the ethical requirements fulfilled in the study.

13. I have read the book / book chaper or related materials policy, terms and conditions, conflict of interest policy, and I accept them. I submit my electronic book / book chapter or related materials for publication with WFL Publisher Ltd. The publication or non-publication of the submitted electronic book / book chapter is based on the general terms and conditions at any given time. I agree that the WFL Publisher will own all the right and copyright on my book , book chapter or related material. I will neither make any claim  nor complaint and I agree  that there is no  special conpensation or rewards .

14. Please read the above stated rules, policy, terms and conditions very carefully, if you do not agree to adhere to them, you cannot proceed with accessing / using our services.

If you disagree with our policies and terms please do not send us any material  for publication.

WFL Publisher has used lawyers and a legal counsel to prepare the policy, copyright, conflict of interest, terms and conditions. WFL Publisher will use a legal counsel if any controversies arise to the terms and conditions.