Science Editor

The Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE) editorial office is renewing the editorial board. We are looking for senior scientists with fluent English skills and rich academic backgrounds to edit scientific manuscripts. Find below the additional qualities we seek in a prospective editorial board member.

  • The applicant must have experience in editing and technical writing or good knowledge of the subject area.
  • They should be able to meet tight deadlines.
  • They should be able to promote the journal among scientists, researchers and students
  • Science editors should submit high quality manuscripts to the JFAE for publication(see– Writing instructions).

    We invite senior scientists to develop a new or a special sub-section  to be added to the journal sub-sections.  You may play the role of a section editor and select known experts in the field to act as active assistant editors. 


Become an editorial review board member:

Peer review is  the best system available currently for improving science  and academic manuscripts. A peer reviewer acts as an advisor to both editors and authors. This noble role enables you to shape, clarify and highlight  important aspects of the research and manuscripts by providing constructive feedback. The role benefits you the reviewer as well, as there is mutual transfer of knowledge  through your interactions with the creative works of other scientist within your field. If you have not signed up, to be a reviewer with the JFAE already we kindly invite you to check the criteria below and fill our online form or contact us.   

To become a reviewer with the JFAE, you should:

  • Be working at a senior academic post  level, that is, a senior researcher, a consultant or head of  a unit or department.
  • Have experience in conducting research.
  • Have published your own work in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Be able to critically evaluate others’ academic work.
  • Be able to invite known experts to join the board.

Members of the Peer Review Board may submit  articles in their areas of expertise, suggest topics to be covered and give ongoing advice to the editors. The editors will take the final decision about the acceptance or refusal of an article submitted for publication.  

The peer review board will be reviewed annually. Kindly send us your full curriculum vitae or resume and a letter of motivation.  

We will only contact candidates whose profile suits our need.

Submit a new journal proposal:

The WFL Publisher plans to launch new electronic journals. We therefore invite proposals for these new scientific journals from reputable senior scientists or academicians. The proposal may be related to life sciences including veterinary science, human dimensions or in an entirely different subject area. The expectation is that proposal will consider the aims and scope of the journal, the market profile and potential, and time. For more details visit our journal proposal page.

If your proposal is accepted, you can act as the editor or reviewer for the journal. You will also have the opportunity to form a team of assistant editors to assist in your work. The editorial office will give you administrative and editorial assistance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable process (a contract will be signed).

For additional information contact us.