Privacy Policy

Publishing a scientific paper is inherently a public process. The name, affiliation and email addresses of authors who published their work will be available to visitors or users of the website. Collecting your data serves to provide you with user-friendly and efficient internet services. We use the collected and processed personal data in order to provide information for the users who are interested in scientific information,only. Furthermore, we generally process the data with the goal of improving our service and ensuring its security. We might also from time to time  provide you with information. We wish to serve the scientific community in the best possible way that we can.

We forbid any misuse of the WFL Publisher issued information, by any third party or unauthorised person(s). 

It is strictly forbidden and not allowed to resell and or misuse or save in some non-scientific servers any materials and or article(s) and or journals published on this website ( We neither give permission nor authorisation.